Dinero and e-conomic FAQ

Modified on Tue, 5 Mar at 7:37 PM

Can Flatpay post for specific products/product groups?

No, all revenue is posted collectively for the VAT rate to which products belong, and there is therefore no option to post to different accounts based on products.

Will your system, through the integration with e-conomic, post and allocate customer receivables (revenue including VAT) over the debtor module, so that the underlying invoice is offset correctly?

No, we do not post based on customers and do not use the debtor module in e-conomic.

Can customers without a POS system use the integration?

If one is not a POS customer with Flatpay, only the payout will be posted. Posting of revenue must be done manually or through another POS system.

Can one choose the wrong account number?

The integration for both Dinero and e-conomic checks if you try to change account numbers via the portal. If you enter an account number that does not exist, this will be displayed. It is possible to choose an account number that exists but is not correct. It is therefore up to the customer to ensure that these are correct.

Can a Dinero user have access to multiple companies created with Flatpay?

Dinero does not support the "multi-tenant" concept, so it is not possible to have a Dinero user that is used across multiple companies created under the same CVR number with Flatpay. If attempted, access to one will overwrite the other.

Will Flatpay always create a journal entry every night?

There will only be a transfer to Dinero/e-conomic if there is something to post. If the turnover is 0, or no money has been paid out, nothing will be posted.

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