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The feature PAL "Pay-At-Location" features is designed to facilitate payments at varoius locations, such as during food deliveries, table orders, and mobile ervices. This feature aims to streamline the payment process, ensuring convenience and efficiency for both service providers and customers. The primary segment is for POS customers, with more than 1 terminal. 

Example of use cases:

Merchant type
Use case
  • A pizzaria recives and intakes the order on the POS, create kitchen receipts, prepare and deliver the food, and seamlessly process payment upon delivery. 

Restaurant with table orders
  • Restaurants, especially those serving at table, require a system to process payments at the table without directing customers to the desk.

Mobile services
  • Mobile service providers can utilize PAL for processing payments post-service completion, similar to managing table orders.


TerminalTable overview - View tables ordered on the POS
TerminalView orders on hold, ordrered on the POS
TerminalPrint a detailed reciept
TerminalPrint proforma receipt
POSRun settlements on all terminals when pressing close drawer on the POS.
POSUpload transactions and turnover data to the Flatpay Portal
POSDrawer report includes numbers from all terminals settled.

How to use Pay-At-Location: 

The following content is a step-by-step guide of how to use this feature. 

First step is to: 

  1. Make sure all terminals is turned on, and online. 
  2. Make sure the POS is turned on, and online.

Second step is to: 

  1. Log into the POS. 
  2. Go to "Terminal connection". 
  3. Choose the terminal that should be the primary to the POS (The primary is the terminal the POS will send directly too, when pressing "card" payment. 
  4. Make sure the primary have Flatpay Connect open. 
  5. Make sure the rest is logged into Pay-At-Location (The login is the same as the one you use for the POS).

Log in to Pay-at-location app

Now you can either choose to Pay for a table, or go into saved orders. 

Table overview

Open orders overview

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