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This article explains how to register payments that are neither card nor cash using the “Other Payment Methods” feature in Flatpay’s POS system.

What is “Other Payment Methods”?
This feature is designed to facilitate the registration of payments from platforms such as Just-Eat, Wolt, and similar services. It is particularly relevant for businesses subject to the new digital sales registration requirements by the Danish tax authority.

Why use “Other Payment Methods”?
First and foremost, it provides a thorough overview of where the payments originate, making it easier for you and your accountant to manage bookkeeping. Using this feature ensures that all your payments are correctly registered and comply with Skat’s new requirements.

How to set up other payment methods

You can set up all the “other payment methods” you need on the portal:

  1. Go to Settings: Navigate to the menu on the left and click on Settings. 
  2. Go to “Other Payments”
  3. Click “+ Add”
  4. Now enter the information for each payment method: Enter the name, status, and type of the new payment method. Remember to select “Active” under “Status,” as the payment method will not appear in your POS system otherwise.
  5. Click "Save changes" 

How to use “Other Payment Methods” 

  1. Navigate to the Sales Menu: When a customer makes a purchase and you are ready to register the payment, go to the sales menu in your POS system. 
  2. Select “Other Payment Methods”: Click on the “Other” button. This button is designed to register payments that do not fall under the card or cash categories. 
  3. Select payment method: Choose the correct payment method from the list of methods you created via Flatpay’s portal. 
  4. Confirm the payment: After selecting the payment method, confirm the payment. The system will now register this payment as another payment form, and the sales report will specify the chosen label.

Important to note
This is not a technical (and thus full) integration with external platforms such as Wolt or Just-Eat. Instead, a label will be created in your sales report indicating that the payment was registered via another payment method. 

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