Terminal FAQ

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How do I accept American Express, JCB, UPI, DCI?

At the present time, none of the aforementioned payment cards are supported by Flatpay. 

What is a gateway?

In order for your business to accept payment cards, it requires the use of a card gateway. When your customers pay with a card, the gateway's task is to ensure there is coverage on the customer's account, that the amount is reserved, and that the money is withdrawn and deposited into your business account. The gateway works with the acquirer to handle these transactions quickly and smoothly behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on your business. 

How do I transfer my terminal to another person?

If you plan to transfer your business and therefore your terminal to another person, please inform us well in advance by contacting our customer service at phone +45 88 77 39 39 or email kontakt@flatpay.dk 

What is card processing?

Card processing is a process in which a business receives payment through credit or debit cards. When a customer uses a card to make a payment, the business sends the card information to a card processor (often a bank or card company), which then verifies that the card is valid and has sufficient funds to cover the transaction. The card processor then approves the transaction and transfers the amount to the business. In this way, the business can receive payment using cards. 

How do I get started with my wireless terminal?

Your associated Flatpay consultant will help you get started with your terminal. If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service by phone +45 88 77 39 39 or email kontakt@flatpay.dk. 

Why can't I refund on my terminal?

If you want to be able to refund on your terminal, please contact our customer service at phone: +45 88 77 39 39. 

How do I send the terminal and equipment back?

When terminating, we will send you a return label at our expense so you can easily return your terminal and related equipment to us. With this return label, we ensure that the package is trackable, delivered to the correct address, and that we know exactly when we have received the returned items. In connection with termination, please contact our customer service at:

  • Phone: +45 88 77 39 39
  • Email: kontakt@flatpay.dk

Note: Please do not return the terminal without contacting us first to ensure that your package is sent to the correct address and that you are using the correct shipping methods. 

Some of my customers' transactions are being declined - why?

This is usually because the customer has insufficient funds on their card. You can see this by logging into the Flatpay portal with the login provided by your salesperson. Then go to "Transactions," find the declined transaction, and hover over the "i" to see if the card was declined due to insufficient funds.

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